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Showing wholesale halloween costumes older ladies in lingerie is somewhat rarer.

Ms wholesale halloween costumes Moon confirmed the images were retouched and the chain reserved the right to use models again in future catalogues, but added "these women are as beautiful as they appear".

She said the retailer did wholesale swimwear not feel it was taking a risk with the campaign. "They are all beautiful in their own way," she said. "I wouldn't say there was a moment of concern.

"The 63-year-old fully expected to be modelling swimwear manufacturers underpants that came up to her bosoms, Ms Moon said. "She was just delighted to be portrayed in that way.

"We measure our sales daily, Ms Moon said. "This week our sales have been ahead of forecast. It's a double win when you not only win with consumers in their hearts and minds but you also win with their foot traffic and their share of wallets."

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