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Murray Oct 12 '17

Picture Description "Kanye Effect" (Kanye effect) nike air max pas cher has become the most widely used sports shoes in probably the most controversial topic. There are generally industry sources, limited hunger marketing dominated the shoes market in the past year, but also gave adidas a chance to let the brand a handful of exposure to achieve Jedi deny Nike. For the rapid development of adidas lately, most people think that mainly featuring its partners, super popular super star kangye related. About four years ago is the cheapest point of adidas, in addition to the ability to resist challengers Nike, but also should face Under Armor constant provocation, so that people are worried about their future. Subsequently, adidas in 2014 for you to 10 million US dollars and promised to present dividends to the rich return from the hands of Nike signed considering the goods star Kanye Gulf, and soon launched a hot a long way Yeezy series.

And this is caused by such various discussion is the nike air max 90 candy drip root cause of the particular father and his wife Gold Kardian high web 2 . 0 fans popularity, this force is better and unstoppable. Analysis shows that with the emergence associated with Instagram, Twitter and other web 2 . 0 platforms, the trend or maybe fashion itself has adjusted. According to Instagram files, Kanye West couples have more than 100 million fans. Kanye West has said that if it isn't because of social media, he will not look so frequently in open sight. NIKE chairman and key executive officer Mark Parker recently also pointed out that the current NIKE regarding 75% of sales increase from NIKE Style, to relieve the category 25% with the shipments will help activate consumer shopping desire for that product. This means of which NIKE will fully adhere to adidas last year's quite successful hunger sales approach.

From the visual impact in the shape, star effect, social media air max 90 pas cher marketing, to help hunger marketing, "explosive" continues to be completed, NIKE has finally begun to bow on the stars and explosive. Leading 13, Nike Air Foamposite One GalaxyTaobao speculation price: 9000 RMB or even soIn 2012, "Galaxy spray" after listed, by virtue from the mysterious star elements, has become a bunch of shoes fans dream shoes or boots. Although before the US outlet Marshalls shelves, was found as a couple 50 dollars as long for the reason that Galaxy spray, but from the whole market, it is still one of the shoe king. Top 10, Nike Hyperadapt 1. 0 Dark-colored and WhiteTaobao speculation price tag: 11000 RMB or soUnder the impact in the new hyperadapt, this set of two automatic lace some along the altar, but last year for you to 720 US knife sale of written agreement color, speculation price continues to be expensive, the town shop no problem.

Top 11, Air Jordan ONE PARTICULAR BannedTaobao speculation price: air max 90 candy drip 13000 RMB or soTo Nike paying the history of the NBA to the inspiration, a pair of successful speculation out of the ban on the theme. Last year's red and black, although called Stopped, but does not add the 2011 version of the particular "X" details, so it's still astronomical. Top 12, Air Jordan 1 FragmentThis pair of Needless to say, AJ1 loyalty powder wish to have the shoes, but as well the love of popular dogs. Top 9, Air Jordan 4 LightningThis set of two lightning color Air Jordan FOUR, in 2006 for at first chance in people's attention, the golden shoes is exceedingly eye-catching, coupled with the sale of those shoes is not, every year can be piercing new flavor The very best 9, Nike x Vlone Air flow Force 1 High Non colored documents Taobao speculation price: 15000 RMB or soThis pair of crown on the feet with the joint, the world's small number of poor, taking into account that VLONE and Nike almost no longer joint, under plenty of elements, this pair associated with shoes speculation prices of course rise.
workcreation Oct 25 '17

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